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If you are mad keen about my music, why not buy me a pint of ale each month.

In return you will instantly receive the entire discography as well as a number of subscriber-exclusive items like subscriber-exclusive updates on work-in-progress, subscriber-exclusive synthesized renditions of mediaeval dance pieces that the general public wouldn't be able to handle, subscriber-exclusive underpants*, et cetera.

At the time of writing you can hear the work I am doing on the vinyl version of the album 'Matter' as well as it's long-anticipated follow up, currently referred to by the mysterious title 'the follow up to Matter'. You can also hear an abandoned version of what will eventually be the third vinyl album, rejected for becoming too epic for it's own good.

Not only that, you will be granted access to the subscriber blog on bandcamp where I will post about the music in more detail than is advisable.

- Giselbert

* you will not receive subscriber-exclusive underpants

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Mild Peril Recordings
England, UK
Mild Peril Recordings is home to Paladin ~ Wizard Disco and Cosmic Synth from the Isle of Albion.

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